Registration Procedures

Required Documents for the Registration of International Students

Applicants, whose application has been accepted, must submit following documents in order to register:

a) Original document, which demonstrates that the applicant passed the Turkish Language Exam made by the university, or original document demonstrating that the applicant reached A or B linguistic level of Turkish Education Center TÖMER,

b) Original high school diploma and translation of high school diploma approved by the Turkish Embassy,

c) Equivalence certificate received from Turkish Embassy or from Turkish Republic Ministry of Education, which demonstrates that the high school diploma is equivalent to diplomas received from high schools in our country,

d) Original transcript and approved translation of transcript by Turkish Embassy,

e) Original passport to be returned after examination and th photocopy of passport,

f) Bank receipt demonstrating that education fee has been paid,

g) Bank receipt demonstrating that deposit payment has been blocked,

ğ) Written report regarding the submission of residence permit,

h) Student Visa,

ı) 4 passport photos.