International Programmes

Erasmus Exchange Programme

Erasmus exchange programme supports cooperation among universities in different countries and covers the exchange of both students and lecturers across Europe. Besides, the programme contributes to the introduction and development of the studies and degrees received in the European Union countries academically. Many students and lecturers have been sent to various universities in Europe within the scope of Erasmus Exchange Programme.
Farabi Exchange Programme
Farabi Exchange Programme offers the opportunity to exchange students and lecturers among higher education institutions that offer upper secondary, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes. Farabi Exchange Program aims to offer students or lecturers to continue their education at an institution of higher education other than their own during a period of one or two semesters.

Mevlana Exchange Programme
Mevlana Exchange Programme offers the opportunity of exchanging students and lecturers between higher education institutions in Turkey with the higher education institutions abroad. The students who want to benefit from this exchange programme could be an exchange student for at least one and at most two semesters in the hosting university

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