Practical Information for Mobile Students

International Relations Office sends a detailed info-pack for all exchange students at the beginning of the enrollment process. This info pack includes practical information about the city, university, accommondation and social life.

Some practical information for exchange students is given below.

Visa Processes

The students must get a Student Visa from the Turkish Consulate in their country before they enter Turkey for their study. The Student Visa cannot be obtained after the arrival, and tourist visa is not acceptable as a substitute. Incoming students are recommended to apply for visa at least two months before the semester begins.

Required documents for visa application:

  • Passport (should be valid at least for a year)
  • Completed visa application form taken from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate
  • 6 passport size photographs taken recently
  • Proof of their student status in their home university
  • Acceptance letter from Bartın University
  • Non-refundable processing fee

As visa regulations may change quite frequently, students are suggested to contact the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country to get the most up-to-date and detailed information.

Phone Calls

In addition to the ones at post Offices, public pay phones can be found in almost all academic units. They operate on credit phone cards which can be bought from the post offices as well as stationeries. To make an international call, it is necessary to dial 00 before dialling the international code of the country to be phoned to. In Turkey, there are three cell phone operators which are Turk cell, Vodafone and Avea. All of these service providers offer a variety of tariffs responding to the needs of the customers. The students can buy a mobile number from any of these companies and use their own mobile phones

Electronic Devices

Turkey uses conventional European system in electricity working on 220 volts. The sockets are two-pin.