Recognition of Prior Learning


Undergraduate transfer to the units is possible within the university or from other higher education institutions. Undergraduate transfers are conducted according to the guidelines determined by the Senate and to the provisions of the regulations regarding the guidelines for Double Major, Minor and Transfer Between Programs at Associate and License Degree Levels in Higher Education Institutions and Interinstitutional Credit Transfer published in the Official Gazzette dated 24/4/2010 and numbered 27561.

Admission of graduates from higher education vocational schools to undergraduate programs, to which term they will be enrolled and their adaptive programs are arranged according to the provisions of Regulations on Continuation of Graduates from Higher Education Vocational Schools and Open University Associate Degree Programs to Undergraduate Study published in the Official Gazzette dated 19/2/2002 and numbered 24676. Guidelines concerning this issue are determined by the Senate upon the proposal of the commitee.

Recognition of Prior Learning is one of the main regulations of Turkish Education System. Students, who are placed into the higher education institutions by the Students Selection and Placement Center, register with the diploma that they get from secondary education institutions.

Students, who have newly registered to the university, can be exempt from the optional English preparatory class and some compulsory courses if they succeed in the exemption and proficiency exams of the university at the beginning of the academic year.

Students, who have graduated from associate degree programs, can be placed into follow-up undergraduate programs through the External Transfer Exam arranged by the Student Selection and Placement Center. Within the scope of the provisions of the Regulations on Double Major, Minor and Transfer Between Programs at Associate and License Degree Levels in Higher Education Institutions and Interinstitutional Credit Transfer, in line with the guidelines determined by the Senate, students are accepted to the equivalent programs at our university from other higher education institutions through external undergraduate transfer, and within the university through internal undergraduate transfer. Similarly, in accordance with the same guidelines, students have the right to register for Double Major and Minor Programs if they provide the necessary conditions.

Recognition in the Student Mobility

Our university gives recognition unexceptionally for all grades and credits of the students who attend to exchange programs or receive education abroad through interinstitutional protocol. Students to go abroad are requested a learning agreement that has previously been certified by the department coordinator and international relations coordinator. Faculty Boards certify the student learning agreement including the course list of both universities in order to finalize the situation and to enlighten the student before going.

After students come back, the courses that they have taken are transferred to the related term of our system together with their grades and the name of the host institution according to the grade conversion table sent by the institution where they have received education.