Learning Opportunities

Bartın University spreads over an area of 87520 square meters, of which 36297 square meters is closed area, in Ağdacı district. Vocational School and Vocational School of Health are at Türbeyani district. Ship Building, Maritime and Port Management, and Yacht Enterprise and Management Programmes are at Kurucaşile district while Forestry and Forest Products, Clothing Manufacturing Technology Programmes are at Ulus district.

The construction of the new campus area of the university at Kutlubey-Yazıcılar district expanding to an area of 1162000 square meters is in progress. Upon the completion of the construction of the new campus, Bartın University will have a more modern campus.

The university has 6 application and research centers and uses state-of-the-art technology in its laboratories, classrooms and lecture halls.

There are 15 laboratories in the Faculty of Forestry and 4 laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering. In the Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory of the Faculty of Sciences genetic tests and DNA tests are made. In the Central Research Laboratory of the university in the new campus area, our academic staffs carry out advanced laboratory studies. Analyses to be made upon the demands of the industrial institutions in the region are carried out via circulating capital. There are five main laboratories within Central Research Laboratory which are; Mechanical Test Activities, Material Characterization, Sample Preparation and Quality Control, Environment Technology and Food Technology Laboratories. There are 11 laboratories at Vocational School and 2 laboratories at the Vocational School of Health.