Academic Guidance

Bartin University provides both administrative guidance and academic guidance besides Psychological Counselling.
Administrative Guidance: Students receive guidance and advice both from administrative academic staff. 1926 administrative staff provides information on procedures and resources of the university via e-mail and/or telephone and on one to one basis. Students can contact the appropriate office if they have questions related to their studies or any other matter.

Academic Guidance: An academic advisor is assigned to each student within the program he/she has enrolled. Academic advisors are available to the students for any academic matter. Every faculty member has a number of students to help in:
- Enrolling students for courses at the beginning of each semester based on their academic curriculum to make sure that they will have no difficulty in following the program, successfully. By counselling the student the advisor might advise to delete some of courses in the list prepared by the student when the total contact hours for the selected courses exceed 45 ECTS in a semester or if he/she feels the student might be unsuccessful by taking a particular course.
- Directing the student according to his/her academic achievement which courses to add or drop while enrolling for any new semester
- Guiding the students on educational and academic related issues, problems and solutions during office hours as.
Assigned academic advisors are responsible for aforementioned issues but students are also free to consult any faculty member for any other matter
The graduate students have a thesis advisor in addition to their academic advisor, who is responsible of advising and directing students' whole thesis work and studies.

Psychological Counselling: Bartin University Guidance and Counselling Services offers psychological guidance and counselling to the students. Four psychiatrists under an Academician are available during work hours at weekdays in a service building on the main campus and the students can visit them free of charge.