Life In The City

Bartın is located in the Western Black Sea region of the Republic of Turkey. Formerly a district of Zonguldak province, Bartın has been made into a province seat in 1991 and became the 74th city of Turkey. It is surrounded by Kastamonu on the east, Karabük in the south, Zonguldak in the west and Black Sea in the north. Bartın is a forest-rich city and a large part of the city is within the borders of Kure Mountains National Park. Bartın River is the only river on which transportation is made.

Located in the West Black Sea Region and formerly a district of Zonguldak, Bartın has been given a province status in 1991 and became the 74th province of Turkey. Bartın is 420 km from Istanbul and 283 km from Ankara.

It is a tourist attraction with its natural beauties, beaches and historical buildings. The city, which got its name from Parthenious which means “Gloriously Flowing Water” has three districts: Amasra, Kurucaşile and Ulus.

 İnkumu, Amasra and Çakraz beaches in Bartın are among the most significant centers of sea tourism.

59-km coastal line of Bartın shows magnificent beauties with forested lands.

With its unique natural beauties and 3000-year-old historical heritage Amasra district is an important tourist attraction. The district hosts tourists during the whole year.

Kurucaşile is one of the most important centers where wooden yacht building still exists. There are various types of yachts built in Kurucaşile ranging from the warships during the Ottoman period to fishing boats, transport vessels and recreational craft.

Ulus is a secret paradise with its waterfalls and plateaus where you can find all shades of green. Located within the borders of Küre Mountains National Park Ulus is a natural wonder with the surrounding trees, flowers and wild life.

Must-see destinations

Bartın River: Known as Parthenios (gloriously flowing water) in B.C era, it is the river that city is named after. The river empties into the Black Sea at Boğaz village. Bartın River is the only river in Turkey on which transportation starting from the Black Sea to the city, via ships weighing 500 tones, is possible.


İnkumu, Amasra, Çakraz, Güzelcehisar, Mugada, Hatipler, Kızılkum, Bozköy, Akkonak, Deliklişile, Göçkün, Kurucaşile, Tekkeönü and Kapısuyu Beaches

Inkumu: Inkumu Town,  which is 15 kms from the center has a unique 3-km coast, and has golden sand, deep blue sea, green pine forest, is one of the most beautiful bays in the Black Sea.

Amasra:With its unique natural beauty and history of 3000 years Amasra has always been an important tourist destination. The district hosts tourists both during summer and winter months. The name Amasra comes from the name of queen Amastrist. Mehmet the Conqueror who looked over the city before it was conquered by Ottoman expressed his admiration saying: “Is this the eye of the World?”

Amasra is not only a touristic area but also a place where cultural tours and school trips are organized during the weekends. Fish and salad followed by yoğurt served with honey and walnut are among the preferred dishes in Amasra.

Küre Mountains National Park: The National Park is an important attraction with its natural potential. The city also has various places to see including waterfalls, canyon and various landscapes.

Küre Mountains National Park is among the   “100 hot spots in the World and 9 hot spots in Turkey” determined by World Wide Fund for Nature.

Galla (Kadınlar) Pazarı: This is a marketplace where mostly women sell their organic vegetables and fruits as well as eggs, dairy products, yoğurt for over 200 years.

Kemal Samancıoğlu Ethnography Museum: The Museum is the house of Kemal Samancıoğlu who served as the mayor of Bartın for long years. Old goods introducing the social life and culture in the city are exhibited in the museum.


A list of prices for an estimated living cost is presented below:

Market Shopping


A cup of coffee       

1,50 TL-3 TL

A dozen of eggs

5 TL

A kilo of beef meat

25 TL

A kilo of chicken meat

8 TL

A kilo of sugar

2 TL

A litre of coke

2 TL

A litre of milk

1,5 TL

A litre of water

0,50 TL


1,25 TL





Meal at a restaurant

5 TL-10 TL

Meal at student cafeteria

1,50 TL





Rent in a private dormitory

200 TL-600 TL

Rent in a private flat

200 TL-600 TL



Leisure Activities


Cinema ticket for students

8 TL

Ticket for a concert

10 TL-50 TL





Ticket for bus

1,35 TL

Ticket for İstanbul-Bartın bus

43 TL

Ticket for Ankara-Bartın bus

25 TL